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UVa bootcamp aims to increase IT training for teachers
The Daily Progress Friday, June 22, 2018 at 12:01 a.m.

Jennifer Cramer’s first exposure to computer science was in high school. She and her classmates learned how to use data punch cards.

Today, high school students learn coding, animation, visual modeling and app development. This fall, Virginia schools will require cybersecurity, and so Cramer, a high school teacher in Loudoun County, signed up for a weeklong bootcamp at the University of Virginia.

“A lot of us have former business experience, but none of us have experience teaching cybersecurity,” said Cramer, who worked at technology companies before transitioning to teaching. “Some of these classes have a lot of computer science tools in them, and sometimes that scares kids off. So we’re trying to teach them that they can also do cybersecurity and ethics, and make a difference in society.”

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