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Castro: If we’re so flush, show us the money
The Daily Progress Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 12:01 a.m.

Bright economic news was easy to find this week, if you were looking for it. (As opposed to what most of us were thinking about, including a silver Prius, two missing motorists, and 1,500 unaccounted-for immigrant children.)

On Wednesday, the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce reported that first-quarter retail sales rose throughout the region compared with the first quarter of last year, based on state sales tax revenue.

The City of Charlottesville, where retailers have reported lagging sales post-Aug. 12, enjoyed a 5.75 percent bump the first quarter, although the chamber noted that Easter sales were all captured in the first quarter data this year, while the Easter Bunny visited in the second quarter last year.

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