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Greenberry's goes global: Local coffee co. brewing more stores abroad
The Daily Progress Sunday, May 06, 2018 at 12:01 a.m.

As entrepreneurs, Sean and Roxanne Simmons are on the precipice of executing a once-in-a-generation achievement. In the meantime, they have just one favor to ask of their adopted hometown, Charlottesville: Please don’t forget them when they’re famous.

At the helm of Greenberry’s, the duo opened eight coffee franchises in Japan over the course of 2017. They also have deals to open about 24 new domestic and international stores this year, and ambitions for even more Asian and European franchises.

To pursue the European deals, the company’s franchising arm, Greenberry’s Franchising Corp., even commissioned an article in a U.K. magazine, Global Franchise, to build brand awareness in Europe. The article placed Greenberry’s, quite literally, next-door to household names like Subway. Perhaps it was kismet, because once upon a time — before Greenberry’s, before moving to Charlottesville and before meeting Roxanne — Sean Simmons owned 10 Subway franchises in Pennsylvania.

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