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Crozet Survey Finds Residents Enchanted with Area, Yet Worried about Growing Pains
Crozet Gazette Friday, January 05, 2018 at 12:01 p.m.

If there’s one broad, irrefutable conclusion to draw from the 2017 Crozet Community Survey it’s that the people who live in the Crozet area really, really like living here. They treasure the history of the area and are complimentary of many different facets of present-day life in Crozet. Yet the survey also reveals that local residents recognize, quite clearly, that the area is rapidly growing, and with that come both opportunities and challenges.

In overwhelming numbers local residents are in general agreement that the Crozet area is blessed with a wide range of qualities that make it a great place to live. They point to the area’s physical beauty, its low crime and high sense of safety for families, and the high-quality schools. But locals also understand that what makes Crozet so special is not by happenstance; it is a product of thoughtful planning and hard work on the part of all community members. We are a very engaged community, and we ensure there are deliberate, inclusive channels that invite all in the area to help shape Crozet’s future.

This is the principal purpose of the 2017 Crozet Community Survey—to allow local residents to be heard and have input into the upcoming revision of the Crozet Master Plan. In this piece, we will share the main findings of the survey. In the coming months the survey committee will hold several public events where we will dig deeper into these numbers and discuss their meaning vis-à-vis the Master Plan.

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