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A Shift in Focus for the County Courthouse Project
Albemarle County Courthouse
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Credit: Albemarle County
The historic Albemarle County Courthouse
Crozet Gazette Friday, January 05, 2018 at 3:55 p.m.

After more than a year of debate over alternative plans to relocate the Albemarle County Court buildings, the Board of Supervisors recently spent several weeks simply listening. The Supervisors convened in December to hear the results of a consultant’s cost/benefit analysis of the various options, to listen to county citizens’ views on the matter, and to absorb both an offer and a warning related to the project.

Armed with both data and opinion, the Board ultimately passed a split motion requesting further study of one part of a potential relocation while putting another part on hold pending negotiations with the city.

The county’s consultant on the courts project, Stantec Services Consulting, Inc., presented a summary of the projected capital and operating costs of five options. The options range from renovating the existing court buildings where they stand, to relocating both the courts and the County Office Building (COB) to a site in the county (likely the Rio/29 area where Albemarle Square currently sits).

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