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Green and energy-efficient homes command price premiums, study shows
The Daily Progress Saturday, November 25, 2017 at 9 p.m.
A new study by home appraisers has shown that energy-efficient properties can command thousands more dollars than their less green counterparts when it comes time to sell.
The recently released study examined the sales of 27 homes in Virginia and Maryland that had been accredited by the Vienna-based firm Pearl Certification. Those sales were then compared with sales of 35 similar homes in the area that were not Pearl-certified.
“The study found that the average price premium for a Pearl-certified home was more than 5 percent when the certification had adequate market exposure,” said author Sandra Adomatis. “Our findings are consistent with the results of other studies from across the U.S., which have almost all shown a premium on the sale of homes with green and energy efficiency certifications.”

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