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Sticker shock: Charlottesville health insurance premiums spike to highest in nation
C-VILLE Weekly Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 11:07 a.m.

For many families, an income of $100,000 pretty much means they’re living the American dream. And for many families, that dream came crashing down when they saw what their health care premiums are going to be for 2018.

For Sara Stovall, premiums for her family of four will go from $940 a month to nearly $3,000 a month—$36,000 for the year.

Eden Henderson’s premiums for her family of three jumped 225 percent to $2,600 a month.


And John Harris, former Carlyle Group CFO, says the $1,629 a month silver plan he’s currently paying for his family of four with Anthem will cost $5,395 a month—nearly $65,000 for the year—for the same plan next year with Optima. For laughs he calculated a gold plan. That totals nearly $97,000 a year.

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