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Western Park Design Reopened at CCAC Meeting
Crozet Gazette Friday, November 03, 2017 at 8 a.m.
A plan to develop Albemarle County’s “western park” in Old Trail was reopened by County Parks and Recreation Department officials at the Crozet Community Advisory Committee’s well-attended Oct. 15 meeting in the Crozet Elementary School cafeteria.
Parks and Rec Director Bob Crickenberger said, “It’s time to revisit the [western park plan] to make sure the community is all in synch with what’s proposed. Do we need it to be revised?” There is no formal process for how to change the plan, he said.
No one was sure how to answer because there was no copy of the standing plan on hand to look over. No one could remember even the outlines of the plan.
Western park was a proffer to the county in 2000 when the allowable densities for the Old Trail project were in play. Beights and Co., then the developers, offered up 38 acres of damp lowland with one narrow buildable peninsula touching Old Trail Drive as a trade-off for higher densities. The deal was done.

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