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City government
Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review
Tuesday, April 17
5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.

A. Matters from the public not on the agenda (please limit to 3 minutes)

B. Consent Agenda (Note: Any consent agenda item may be pulled and moved to the regular agenda if a BAR member wishes to discuss it, or if any member of the public is present to comment on it. Pulled applications will be discussed at the beginning of the meeting.)

* Minutes March 20, 2018- Regular Meeting

C. Deferred Items

2. Certificate of Appropriateness
BAR 17-11-02
167 Chancellor Street
Tax Parcel 090126000
Alpha Omicron of Chi Psi Corp, Owner/Kevin Schafer, Design Develop, LLC, Applicant
Additions and renovations

3. Certificate of Appropriateness
BAR 17-08-01
218 West Main Street
Tax Parcel 280009100
Brands Hatch, LLC, Owner/Fred Wolf/Wolf Ackerman Design LLC, Applicant
Rear and side demolition in association with Tech Center project        

D. New Items in a Historic Conservation District

4. Certificate of Appropriateness (Historic Conservation District)
BAR 18-04-06
516 Lexington Avenue
Tax Parcel 530224000
Tom Musselman/VATN, LLC, Owner/Kathy Am Peralta, Applicant
Addition of back deck

5. Certificate of Appropriateness (Historic Conservation District)
BAR 18-04-07
525 Grove Avenue
Tax Parcel 540013000
Clement Tingley and Deborah Larence, Owner/Clement Tingley, Applicant
Shed replacement

6. Certificate of Appropriateness (Historic Conservation District)
BAR 18-04-02
809 Rugby Road
Tax Parcel 050011000
Andrew and Dixie Mills, Owner/Tim Tessier, Applicant
Renovation and screened porch

E. New Items           

7. Certificate of Appropriateness
BAR 18-04-03
300 East Main Street
Tax Parcel 280040000
East Main Investments, LLC, Owner/Bart McIntosh, Applicant
Window replacement

8. Certificate of Appropriateness
BAR 18-02-05
421 West Main Street
Tax Parcel 320178000
Quirk Charlottesville, LLC, Owner/Jennifer D. Mullen, Esq., Applicant
Proposed landscape and hardscape area        

9. Certificate of Appropriateness
BAR 18-04-04
1824 University Circle
Tax Parcel 060097000
Jake Rubin, Owner and Applicant
Restoration of historical building with landscaping updates including site walls, patio, and pergola            

10. Certificate of Appropriateness
BAR 18-04-05
515 Rugby Road
Tax Parcel 050047000
Chi, Building Association- Zeta Beta Tau, Owner/BRW Architects, Applicant
Additions and renovations

11. Certificate of Appropriateness
BAR 18-04-01
900 West Main Street
Tax Parcel 100078000
Midtown, LLC, Owner/Carrie Fazzolari obo AT&T, Applicant
Exterior alterations to add an AT&T antenna

F. New Construction

12. Certificate of Appropriateness
BAR 18-04-08
201 West Water Street
Tax Parcel 280012000
Black Bear Properties, LLC, Owner/Clark Gathright, Applicant
New Construction

13. Preliminary Discussion
BAR 17-11-03
200 2nd Street SW
Tax Parcel 280069000, 280071000, 280072000, 280073000, 280074000, 280075000
Market Plaza LLC, Owner/ Keith O. Woodard, Applicant
Special Use Permit for additional residential density

G. Other Business

14. PLACE report
15. Administrative Approval circulation efficiency         

H. Adjournment

Charlottesville City Hall, City Council chambers
605 E. Main St
Charlottesville VA, 22902
Clerk's office: 434-970-3113
City Hall Info: 434-970-3333
Clerk's office: 434-970-3113
City Hall Info: 434-970-3333
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