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The unmasker: Nikuyah Walker makes independent bid for City Council
C-VILLE Weekly Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 7 a.m.

In her run to sit on the other side of the City Council dais she’s often stood before, Nikuyah Walker won’t be touting Charlottesville as a world-class city. Instead, her theme of “unmasking the reality” acknowledges the duality of a town that draws the wealthy and well-educated, yet is unaffordable for many of its citizens, some of whom are on a “birth-to-prison pipeline.” ...

Walker, a social justice activist who works for Charlottesville Parks & Rec, is running as an independent, a tough route in the Dem-heavy city. “For me, being an independent sets a clear tone to the establishment of Charlottesville that we need to change things,” she said.

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